What is FLAVR?
FLAVR is premium grade all natural flavor concentrate you can add to your bottle or glass of water/soda water in a convenient compact bottle – subtle water enhancing flavor you can drink all day.
FLAVR can be used in tap, bottled, sparkling, soda or any carbonated water.
Enough drops for 40 x 500ml bottles or 2 Litres per day for 10 days.
NO artificial sweetener and NO colouring added. In fact, there is nothing artificial in FLAVR!
You control the strength of your FLAVR. We recommend 2 drops per 100ml – add more drops to intensify. Always dilute.

How is FLAVR sweetened?

FLAVR is sweetened with natural Organic Stevia.
Stevia is a natural sugar substitute (not an artificial or man made sweetener). Derived from the leaves of a herb native to South America, stevia is a healthier option than  sugar because it is 300 times sweeter (meaning we have to use much much less of it!) and contains zero calories.
What is the stevia history?
Stevia has been used in Japan and European countries for over 35 years. Stevia is approved for use by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).
How small is the FLAVR bottle?
The FLAVR bottle is tiny and can fit in your pocket or handbag – the bottle is only 76mm tall and 14mm x 21mm wide (It’s oval shaped & the size of a lip balm container)

Where is FLAVR made?

FLAVR was developed in Australia and is made using 98% of Australian ingredients. Some ingredients are not manufactured in Aus, so we can't buy them here, but we do buy all of our ingredients from Australian businesses!
Does FLAVR need to be refrigerated?
No. Even after you open it, you do not need to put it in the fridge.
Because its highly concentrated flavoring, it will still taste great for at least 3 months, but best to use within a month.


Does FLAVR contain sugar?


NO! It is sweetened by Stevia, which has NO calories.

Is FLAVR vegan friendly?

YES! Vegan friendly, Which means it’s vegetarian friendly!
Why doesn't FLAVR have any colour?
We don’t add any food coloring to FLAVR. We could add natural color to FLAVR, but we found that some of the natural colors actually contain certain ingredients, which if added, would mean we couldn’t call FLAVR Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly.
The little what tab where the lid meets the bottle is a a tamper seal. This should not be broken upon purchasing.
FLAVR can also be used in natural yogurt, milkshakes (including soy milk) or protein shakes.

Is the FLAVR bottle recyclable?

Yes, the FLAVR bottle is made of polypropylene (PP), which is plastic recycle #5. This plastic is collected by all councils in all Australian states.
Yes, PP is very safe and does not contain BPA or phthalates, and is recommended for use as baby bottles, among other things.